Jaykay Pexies
--E // what the fuck exactly are you trying to communicate to me
Screen Name eternalEmperor
Age 9 sweeps
Relationships Moirail- Zoezee Makara
In Game Information
Land <unknown>
Title <unknown>
Jaykay Peixes is the highest blooded troll. He is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Jaykay is the youngest troll to ever rule the troll empire, and seems to be failing at it. There is an ongoing rebellion and he plans to use the game to rise to "godlike power". This implies he has some knowledge about what the game will do.

His introduction is breif, but he seems to be very interested in shiny objects. He is easily annoyed, but does not act on this anoyance. It is also worth noting that despite being a highblood, he uses much lowblood vernacular.

Introduction Edit

Your name is JAYKAY PEIXES and you are kind of a big deal. 

You were named RULING EMPORER at just under 7 sweeps of age, and have held that office for 2 more sweeps. This makes you the youngest ruler your empire has ever had. (Even if there is only 3 recorded rulers, this is still quite an achievement.) You worked hard for the position you are in, and you truly believe you deserve it. 

You have many things you like. Things like GOLD and SHINY GEMS. You are extremely attracted to anything that is UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND, much like yourself. You are the first male ruler of your empire, and you plan to be emperor for the rest of the time your planet exists. (However, considering your plan to reach immortality and god like status, that will not be more than maybe 24 hours.)

Despite your status as emperor and ruler of all things troll, you have several HORDING and SURVIVAL instincts you can’t seem to get rid of. You stock pile resources and tend to CONFINE YOURSELF to small areas, like the room you are currently staying in. It is in fact just a STORAGE room that you have taken residence in. Your real (reel*) room is a bit too large for your tastes. 

Your trolltag is eternalEmperor and you have a hard time nOT RAISING YOAR VOIC-E W)(-EN P-EOPL-E PISS YOU OFF glub

What will you do?