Your name is KANNIO MARYAM. 


You are one of the few of your kind who can withstand the BLISTERING ENDOFETIAN SUN, but you are possibly the only one of your caste who despises the feel of its rays. As such, you tend to stay away from the vast majority of the trolls which share your rare blood. You have put your hive in the far reaches of the area marked for your caste, and you only go out during the night, when most JADE BLOODS are asleep. By separating yourself from them, you have progressed farther than any of those dimwitted female air heads. You are currently in touch with THE EMPEROR HIMSELF which is positively unheard of for someone of your blood. You like to think he tolerates your blood because of your great skill in hunting the HEINOUS BROODS OF THE UNDEAD, but this is a ridiculous notion for several reasons. First off, you’re scared half to death of the undead, and secondly, you know exactly why he tolerates your blood. 

It wouldn’t be too far off if someone was to guess your involvement in Imperial affairs was little more than LIES AND THREATS GIFT WRAPPED IN SMILING SHINY GIFT PAPER. You were conveniently supplied with an ability to create great and believable fabrications that can FOOL almost anyone, even sometimes, YOURSELF. So the idea that you are TUGGING AT CERTAIN STRINGS in the Emperor’s blood pumper isn’t too much of a wild guess. You’re not too knowledgeable about the source, but Peixes sees you in a different light than he sees most trolls. Rumors say he was in contact with your ancestor, but you DON”T BELIEVE THOSE STORIES. 

As one with JADE GREEN BLOOD, you consider yourself a rarity. As such you are one of the few who could be selected and raised by a VIRGIN MOTHER GRUB, unfortunately there were some complications. If you had received this female lusus, you may have been a completely different troll. Perhaps you would wear LONG DRESSES and put your HAIR IN BRAIDS. But as your current status stands, you do not do those things unless THERE ARE NO OTHER TROLLS AROUND. As your current status stands, you were assigned a DIFFERENT FATE. Your lusus is the first of its kind in hundreds of centuries. It is a FATHER GRUB. 

The FATHER grub was thought to be extinct at first due to their inability to make eggs on their own, but recently, approximately 8 sweeps ago, a small imperfection in an egg's DNA allowed a father grub to once again be born. As UNHEARD OF as a male jade blood is, the father grub needed caring for, and you were assigned to the job. 

You are one of a kind, and don’t mind expressing it at all. You perhaps are also one of the only trolls in existence who values looks over use. As such, you are one of the few of your kind who has developed a zeal for FASHION and DESIGN and LIVELY COLORFUL PATTERNS. You decorate your hive with FABRIC, as subtle or aggressive as your inspiration demands for the night. You are STYLISH and a DESIGNER or DECEITFUL and a TRICKSTER, whichever you care to be at the current time. You tend to be quite skilled when it comes to technology, and provide yourself as well as your friends with some of your innovations. You don’t INVENT anything, only make things that already exist better. The original technology is from ruins your hive is near. 

You live on an island which is somewhat sizable and today you are going to play a game. You are planning to be on the IMPERIAL TEAM.

Your trolltag is incessantlyAristocratic and you Tend To Speak W1th A Very Specific Tone Of Arrogance.

What will you do?