Karkit Vantas
9ut of course, its completely nonsensic6l. Who would even dre6m th6t something didn't m6gic6lly dis6ppe6r 9ut inste6d w6s just UNDER 6 different o9ject?
Screen Name paranormalActuality
Age 7 sweeps
Relationships Moirail- Skizee Pyrope

Matesprit- Olitea Lejion

In Game Information
Land <unknown>
Title <unknown>

Karkit Vantas, known by her friends as "Kit", is the main character in the fancomic The Delta Trolls. She is the troll associated with the zodiac sign cancer, although she does not wear her sign (it is not disclosed as to why yet). Her quirk is proper language and grammer, along with the replacement of the letter "a" with "6" and "b" with "9".

Karkit is canonically the youngest and the shortest of all the Endofetian trolls. She begins the comic with roaming around her room, and falling off of her recuperacoon after getting "headed" by a blue blood who bares resemblance to Saffir Zahhak. (For convenient reference, being "headed" is the Endofetian equivalent of being "egged". Some asshole throws an egg, or in this case a severed head, at a house, hive, and forces the owner to clean it. It is highly disrespectful and dangerous. Having the blood of a troll higher than your own caste is grounds for a culling.)

Karkit is the leader of the red team. Her teammates are her red quadrant, Olitea Lejion, and her pale quadrant, Skizee Pyrope.

Introduction Edit

Your name is KARKIT VANTAS, and you are striking a ridiculous pose, alone in your block, for absolutely no reason. You are often prone to such antics, almost like there is an invisible audience no one but you is aware of. But it is much more likely that you are just a dweeb wanting to look cool. 

You have a variety of INTERESTS that are mainly centered around your obsession with the SUPERNATURAL. You have a passion for RIDICULOUSLY AND HORRIBLY TERRIFYING MOVIES. This makes you very superstitious and gullible to strange noises during the day. You keep many REALLY COOL WEAPONS around to defend yourself from whatever monsters might be lurking while you sleep. However, they are more often than not, used to defend yourself against your (ex) kissmesis who is always busing around your hive.

You have absolute HORRIBLE LUCK with anything electronic, and have a special hatred in your hardened cardio vascular pump for COMPUTERS. It seems the infernal devices share your sentiment, as they are more likely to blow up in your face, as they are to function properly. You will never be a programmer. However in the day and age, having a computer for communication needs is an essential. (None of your friends live very close.) So you keep a STOCK PILE OF SPARES in case the one you are using happens to break. Which is very often. 

Your trolltag is paranormalActuality and you spe6k in a w6y that is 6lmost 6lw6ys s6rc6stic 6nd te6sing. 

What will you do?