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Carian's Ancestor.

Her full name is The Orphaner Encharexess. She kills lusii for the queens lusus, Gl'bgolyb. Canonically in a black relationship with Captain Spiderling Larceny, and a moirallegiance with Her Royal Culler. However, she is responsible for both their deaths.

When her kismesissitude with Spiderling turned sour, she gave critical information regarding his position and fleet to The Legislacerator RedRuse, expecting to challenge, but not really hurt, Spiderling. Encharexess misjudged the leislacerator's skill, and ended up being a large factor in Spiderling's capture and hanging.


Later on, she is tricked by Jaykay to believe the Condesce is on her way to try to retake the Endofetian throne. Panicking, she pleads with the queen to either join with the Condesce or abandon the thrown and escape. When refused, The Encharexess lashes out, and murders the queen in her royal chair.

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Before she could abscond and escape the danger that never was, she was shot from behind with a harpoon. Jaykay had been waiting for his chance for sometime, and something as simple as a single troll wasn't going to stop him, even if it cost him his moirail.